The Dominant Wife Experience

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

An amazingly new perspective on #female #dominance

Times are constantly changing and so are the wishes and needs of kinky and bizarre people, in particular with respect to #Femdom. Moving away from classic studio-settings, where a customer would meet his domina for an hour or two, gets his spanking and then drives back home to his nice suburban home where his conservative vanilla wife and his well-groomed children would wait for him, are increasingly over. #BDSM is no more something exclusively for dark dungeons and studios situated at the city outskirts. It is now hidden in plain sight. It happens everywhere, openly or clandestine, wherever you go, you may come across kinky people living their dream without you even noticing it.

There are so many people, in particular men, who dream of being in constant touch with their inner longings and not only for an hour or two per week, but rather want to have relationships based on power exchange, men who dream about being kept #chastised and/ or #cuckolded by their wifes and girlfriends. Men who really wish to #submit to a woman because they adore and #worship #femininity as the paramount of human evolution. But most of these men keep dreaming never living up to their potential. Simply because, they can´t find what they wish for in the normal vanilla dating space. It is a matter of fact that girls are not raised to assert themselves or exert power and dominance and so they grow into restrained and inhibited women, who dream in pink rather than shiny black. There is also no place for realizing these dreams when frequenting a studio. So, where to turn to?

BDSM, in my opinion, is not all about #Latex and #Leather and refined techniques. BDSM, if it wants to matter, is a form of life. It is a conscious choice, it is sensual, deep grinding and above all a psychological game for grown-ups. And like life itself, BDSM has to come in so many variations, shades, and shapes. Life has to be intense and captivating and so BDSM has to be.

Therefore, I made it my mission to cater to the needs of men who want something special, who dare to dream big and want this extra kick out of it.

That´s when the idea to The Dominant Wife Experience was born.

“I am not interested in preserving the status-quo; I want to overthrow it.”

Niccolo Macchiavelli


The Dominant Wife Experience is designed to give you the experience and intensity of a female-led relationship (#FLR). We can meet at the studio, of course, at the dungeons if this is what you want. But you also can meet me at 5* hotels, having dinner, even going on vacation with me. I am not always leather-clad or donning latex. I love to dress elegantly, chic and fashionable for the occasion. I know the world of affluence and I can give you the facade of one of the numerous women you encounter every day and who make your fantasies go wild. Whether it be the female boss in her tailored suit and pointy high-heels, the female lawyer who has her adversaries for breakfast or the cold banker denying your loan when your business is struggling. How often do you dream about the manager wife to make you lick her designer boots when in reality she is just a prop to her husband? The Dominant Wife Experinece gives you the dark, vile and sadistic version of these women. It makes me raging hot when you lick my designer boots, when I´m whipping you while wearing a cocktail dress. I relish the opportunity to humiliate you in public while having dinner. And yes, having you for breakfast.

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